Monday, October 25, 2010

Acknowledging and celebrating the immense creativity and beauty in the arts and in fashion industry in Africa, FAFA (Festival of African Fashion and Arts) will host their 3rd Annual Fashion for Peace gala evening on the 30th Oct 2010.

The high-end fashion show and gala dinner to be held in the Nairobi National Park will bring together the best of Africa’s designers to showcase their designs and enormous talent. The event will also bring to light the creation of a movement within African designers and artists that is led by the fashion industry which embraces and embodies ethical fashion and the values it upholds.

H.E President Mwai Kibaki says of FAFA’s efforts, “I am very pleased that an event of this calibre is taking place in Kenya; it demonstrates that Kenya not only has the talent and resources to hold a world class festival, but also the vision to see that fashion and the creative arts, if developed properly can indeed play an important role in our economic development. I have the confidence that our youthful designers have come of age and are ready to take their rightful place amongst the world’s finest.”

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